Taiwan program - 2017-2018 Academic year

EngageAsia’s (EA) inaugural project will focus on Taiwan. The project will directly enable over 400 students in the United States to learn about Taiwanese culture and society, and begin to build a network of educators committed to building ties between America and Asia. This teacher professional development project will offer U.S. educators with the opportunity to learn first hand about Taiwanese culture and society through a 14-day Project-Based Learning (PBL) cultural immersion program in Taiwan. The program will also include in-depth preparation seminars as well as post-trip mentoring to ensure that lessons learned directly impact students.

Applications for the program will be available in the fall of 2017 and open to high school teachers in the Greater New York City area.  Selected teachers will participate in seminars on Taiwan throughout the winter and spring of 2018 prior to the two-week research trip to Taiwan. The Taiwan trip will engage teachers in intensive learning opportunities directly in-line with the subject matter they teach and will take place in Kaoshiung and Taipei. Working in partnership with a high school in Taipei, the program will also engage U.S. and Taiwanese teachers in an interactive two-day conference on teaching empathy and cross-cultural understanding.

Following the research trip to Taiwan, teachers will continue to meet to develop lesson plans and resources for use in their classrooms and that can benefit other teachers.

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EngageAsia Award

EngageAsia plans to inaugurate the EngageAsia Award in 2018. This award will recognize one teacher annually who embraces the EngageAsia mission of promoting peace and building community through the Asia-Pacific region. 


EngageAsia plans to follow-up the 2017-2018 Taiwan project with a reciprocal program for Taiwanese teachers. From 2018 to 2020, EngageAsia plans to facilitate programs working with educators in Japan and Korea in an effort to cultivate networks of educators throughout the Pacific Rim that will build understanding among the nations of Asia and between the US and Asia.