EngageAsia is a not-for-profit corporation with a mission of engaging teachers in innovative programs that build cross-cultural understanding and foster community throughout the Pacific Rim. EngageAsia's programs transform teachers in order to ultimately impact students, schools, and communities.

Directed by top experts in US-Asia relations, EngageAsia is headquartered in the United States with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS governed by an independent Board of Trustees.  EngageAsia is a member of the National Council for the Social Studies, the New York Council on Nonprofits (NYCON) as well as Nonprofit Westchester and has been selected as an Institute of International Education (IIE) Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner.  


BOard of Trustees

Mr. David P. Janes, Chair of the Board & Treasurer
Senior advisor for institutional development, okinawa institute of science and technology graduate university

Mr. Stomu Miyazaki, Co-Founder
Architectural Designer
Chair, Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

Dr. Thomas Benson, Secretary
Chair, Council for International Culture and Education
Founder & Executive Director, World Leadership Corps

President Emeritus, Green Mountain College

Ms. daniela kaisth
Founder, Gratias partners
Vice President, Development, EastWest Institute

Dr. George Kosar
Assistant Vice President, office of institutional partnerships,
Georgetown University

Dr. Yasuyuki Owada
Professor Emeritus, University of Redlands
Former Chair, Japan ICU Foundation


Mr. Stomu Miyazaki
Senior program director

Ms. Chihiro Yamada
Japan Program Director

Dr. Chin-wen “bob” Chang
Taiwan Program Director


ms. mary hammond bernson
director, east asia resource center, university of washington

Ms. Patricia Burleson
World Educator, Island View Elementary School, Anacortes, Washington
Teacher of the Year Award Winner, Washington State Council for the Social Studies

Managing director, momentum advisors
Adjunct Professor, NYU Center for global affairs

Dr. Chin-wen chang
Professor at Tung Fang Design University in Taiwan

mrs. cynthia Chang

mrs. daphne chien-heh y. chang

Mr. robert clough

richard u light fellowship program, yale university

Mr. Clifton Truman Daniel

Ms. nayun Eom
Student, belmont high school (MA); Co-founder and president of belmont unicef chapter

Dr. Seiji FukazAWA
Professor, Graduate School of education, hiroshima university

Mr. James Gannon
Executive Director, Japan Center for International Exchange

Child Psychotherapist, Expert in healing trauma through art

REV. ching-fen hsiao
retired clergy, united church of christ
former east Asia and pacific regional executive, ucbwm
former executive director, japan icu foundation

Dr. Marleen Kassel
Director of International and Civic Engagement Projects, Queens College of the City University of New York

Ms. lin kobayashi
Co-Founder and Chair of the Board, International School of Asia, karuizawa

MR. james kondo
President, asia pacific initiative foundation; Co-Chair, Silicon Valley Japan platform

Ms. Su Hwei Lin
President of Manhattan Portage Worldwide Corp in NY

Independent curator, exhibits and programs

Dr. dennis lubeck 
history education consultant, educationplus (retired)

prof. richard a. marker
Philanthropy advisor, wise philanthropy; philanthropy educator:  Wise philanthropy institute; new york university, upenn center for high impact philanthropy

Mr. thomas mason, jr.
Executive director, allex foundation

Mr. John Pearson
Director of Major Leadership Gifts (retired), Rutgers University Foundation

Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng
Director of Community Outreach and Global Learning, Matsunaga Institute for Peace & Conflict ResolutioN

Dr. Judith Stauber
Director, Los Alamos Japan Institute

Mrs. Nozomi Terao
Founder, Msterio

Ms. Suzanne Tiapula
Director, Ho'omaluhia, Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute - Hawaii Pacific
Distinguished Fellow, Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

Dr. David Vikner
President Emeritus, United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia & Japan ICU Foundation

Dr. Juefei Wang
Program Director, The Freeman Foundation

EngageAsia Launch Event - April 29, 2017 - Greenwich, CT

EngageAsia Launch Event - April 29, 2017 - Greenwich, CT


EngageAsia's EIN Number is: 47-0987232
501(c)(3) Designation