EngageAsia's was founded with the belief that education can serve as a powerful force for building empathy and highlight to students that humanity has more in common than apart. By stressing the importance of deep historical and sociological knowledge of the societies and countries with which we engage as opposed to the abstract study of globalization, EngageAsia aims to help educators develop real-world knowledge of other cultures, thereby strengthening knowledge of their own culture.

EngageAsia's inaugural Taiwan program engaged two US and nine Taiwanese teachers in learning about each other’s country and culture. The program developed friendships between these teachers and will directly impact over 1,000 students annually.

Teacher-participants are now developing multi-media curricular materials that they will share with students and other teachers thereby multiplying the program's impact.

Testimony from Participants

My time in Taiwan has been great ! The preparation leading up to the trip oriented me to the country, what I will be doing while I was in the country, and how my work will continue after my trip. While I was in Taiwan, I learned so much about its community. This helped me make sense of my project which focused on nature and wellness.

It didnʼt stop there...I took my learning from Kaohsiung and brought it to Taipei !

There I was able to share my new knowledge with Taiwanese educators. My work in Kaohsiung helped me contribute to my teams work, as the focus of the Design Thinking workshops was about food and encouraging healthy habits.

Since my return from Taiwan, I have already spoken to the teachers on my grade level about my experiences and how my trip connects to our school.

I will continue spreading the word. My Social Study curriculum is World Communities. My trip help me teach my students about community.

This trip will help me delve in deeper to planning and collaboration with colleagues.

I feel so lucky to have been part of this experience. I am eager to continue celebrating my trip and carrying out EngageAsiaʼs vision and mission. Many thanks for having me be part of your work!

-Aimee Ferguson, 3rd Grade Teacher

Itʼs impossible to sum up this beautiful experience with mere words.

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to explore a part of this world that I may never have made it too.

I got to experience a new culture, a completely foreign language, and some of the most wonderful people I could have hoped to meet.

As always with travel, through experiencing such a different way of life merely highlight the common human tread in all of us. My cup runneth over.

-Tania Riccoboni, 8th Grade Art Teacher


  • Globalizes American classrooms through teacher professional development programs

  • Builds networks of educators throughout Asia and America designed to foster peace and understanding

  • Fosters empathy and cross-cultural understanding through project-based learning research trips and academic seminars

  • Promotes peace through building community via education networks

  • Views teachers as leaders who can transform their students into global leaders

  • Creates teaching resources that can be widely used by educators

video resources

All teachers selected to participate in EngageAsia's programs will be trained to create videos of their experiences during the field research component of the program. Edited final videos will be shared with other educators as classroom resources.