EngageAsia's was founded with the belief that education can serve as a powerful force for building empathy and highlight to students that humanity has more in common than apart. By stressing the importance of deep historical and sociological knowledge of the societies and countries with which we engage as opposed to the abstract study of globalization, EngageAsia aims to help educators develop real-world knowledge of other cultures, thereby strengthening knowledge of their own culture.

EngageAsia's inaugural Taiwan program will intensively train a cohort of U.S. high school teachers about Taiwan, connect them with teachers in Taiwan, and directly impact over 400 American students annually. Teachers selected to participate will develop resources and share lessons learned with over 100 other educators, multiplying the program's impact.


  • Globalizes American classrooms through teacher professional development programs
  • Builds networks of educators throughout Asia and America designed to foster peace and understanding
  • Fosters empathy and cross-cultural understanding through project-based learning research trips and academic seminars
  • Promotes peace through building community via education networks
  • Views teachers as leaders who can transform their students into global leaders
  • Creates teaching resources that can be widely used by educators

video resources

All teachers selected to participate in EngageAsia's programs will be trained to create videos of their experiences during the field research component of the program. Edited final videos will be shared with other educators as classroom resources.